86' Ghee-Ro S

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86' Ghee-Ro S

Post by R1Titan911 »

Hello again all,
Haven't posted since 2017 with my AF16 Spree Ruckus Build, but I'm back with the 86' Gyro S I found back then. Being 40 now I'm not going to try and go 70MPH on this thing lol.

Quick story: Brother inlaws boss owned it and had it stuck in the shed. I went to purchase but no title so I passed at the time. Years later he gave it to my inlaw whom doesn't ride or work on bikes. So, he gave it to me!

Sorry about the google links, I closed my photo bucket deal for URL links so any suggestions on a better provider is appreciated.

1st Day Home

What I Found: Missing one reflector, looks like one mirror was replaced and missing the glass, missing upper engine cowl (if anyone can source this please let me know!), front fender a little broken.

Gave it a moderate strip down to make sure everything was in tact and there. Carb cleaned, gaskets and hoses checked.

Cleaned up nice! Original Key and 02348.0 original miles!

Purchased and installed new battery, all lights work, starter kicks over, but not tried starting yet.

Doing oil change next. Air filter and new plug ordered. Hope it fires right up

Stay tuned! Excited to be back!
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Re: 86' Ghee-Ro S

Post by Meatball »

Hey R1…glad to see you still around. I still have my scoots in the garage under an inch of dust. Bin after bin of spare parts too. Maybe someday I’ll have the time to run them again.
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Re: 86' Ghee-Ro S

Post by motormike »

Hiya R1...still kickin' and rippin' on my '85 Ghee-ro. :thumbwink:
It's just about time for a new rear tire. All those burn-outs you know. :wink:
Parts you mentioned can be found sometimes...you have to be vigilant on ebay to grab one.
Hope you can hang around and add some new blood to the fam....motor... :urban:
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