Bent motor mount?

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Bent motor mount?

Post by Sevyndaze » Wed Oct 03, 2018 5:03 pm

Hi folks,

So I know my 01’ Elite has been wrecked, and I made a post about the front wheel being tilted a while back due to a slightly bent fork. I was able to fix it as it was only slightly bent, however the bike still pulls right. I was looking at it in my driveway the other day and noticed that the rear wheel seems to be at a different angle from the front. The center stand was also bent and replaced with a side stand.

The frame seemed straight everywhere and I looked at the motor mount and it seemed to be straight, but is it likely/possible that it was not bent but twisted? As in the holes that bolt to the frame and the holes that bolt to the motor are out of plane vertically?

Looking at the frame, it seems like this would be the weakest part of the frame, and thus would be the first to bend if hit hard in an accident. Any thoughts?
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