83-84 aero nb50 AB07 engine big bore cylinder: finally found!!!!!

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83-84 aero nb50 AB07 engine big bore cylinder: finally found!!!!!

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:2thumbs: That’s right folks. And this ain’t clickbate. After years of research and all the nay saying. I have found a bolt on big bore kit for the first generation aero 50 owners. And there’s multiple big name company’s making these kits, like Malossi and polini just to name a few.
There is a scooter manufacturer in Europe that never sold scooters in North America in large quantity like Honda and yamaha or vespa for that matter. And like sym and other smaller companies, rode the coat tails or Been in bed with Honda and yamaha at one point in their businesss history. And while most of this companies current models are from what I found based on the minarelli platform like the yamaha jog, before that, used Honda based designs like the dio and the Af05e and yes you guessed it the AB07.
PGO had the star II 50 which is built around a dio engine and the star 50 built around an AB07. *, The star 50 is a first generation aero 50 with different badging. And the star and star II both have big bore kits and variators and performance exhausts and gear sets made by polini and malossi and eurocilinder.
I conferned this today that a Pgo star cylinder is a bolt on replacement for the first generation AB07. Hers the pictures.
And with the AB07 being a 40x39.3 bore/stroke, with a 46mm or 47mm cylinder puts its displacement over the AF05e (41x37.4 stock bore/stroke). Plus it has a center position exhaust port flange like the dio so after market exhaust can easily be modified to fit. :rock:
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